Saturday, August 20, 2016

Michigan Wind Farm Project


Wind turbines: The money and the myths

Detroit Free Press 8 hours ago

When Exelon approached Dean Kritzman about leasing his land for the energy company’s most recent wind turbine project, Kritzman didn’t hesitate to say yes. He saw it as a win-win-win situation: the turbine would produce renewable energy, Sanilac County would reap tax revenue benefits and he would get a personal lease payment each year. Kritzman, 81, of Marion Township has lived on his land for 55 years and doesn’t mind seeing the three turbines that are already about four miles from his home every day. “I will tell you, you can see those turbines from three to four miles away,” Kritzman said. “I can look out and see ones from my home on a clear day and see if they are turning.” While some folks ...

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