Monday, August 8, 2016

M. Thornberry regarding county fair, D. Ellingson and the county board


Rhubarb post indicates the Republican Candidates from District One and Three see county issues very differently.


Dear Editor of The Rhubarb,

Why would Denny Ellingson who is running for Boone County Board Dist. 1 make a nuisance call last week to the Fire Department about the tents that are being set up at the Fairgrounds for the Boone County Fair? The Fairgrounds are private property. The Fair board can put tents anywhere they want as long as they stay within the confines of the Fairgrounds.

The only thing that makes any sense is that Mr. Ellingson has an agenda against the Granges, who own the Fairgrounds and promote renewable energy,wind, solar. Geothermal, Biomass, and are against the GLB Railroad.

If the Railroad doesn't come through Boone County, then Mr. Ellingson along with Mr. Walberg, Marshall Newhouse, Julie Newhouse, Brad Stark, and others that will profit from the Railroad will lose Millions in lost revenue. Even though their mouths say that they are against the Railroad, their actions say otherwise.

The only thing Mr. Ellingson's nuisance complaint did was cost the tax payers money because the Fire Department had to investigate.

Marion Thornberry
Running for Boone County Board Dist. 3

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