Monday, August 29, 2016

Boone County Health Board Meeting—August 29—12:00PM


The meeting lasted nearly three hours.   The following are the major actions of the board. All votes were unanimous voice votes.

Amanda Mehl was selected the new Administrator for the Health Department.  Eight other applicants apparently applied for the position based upon statements from the August 1 board meeting.  Amanda has worked for the BCHD for four and half years. She was employed as Director of Personal Health for a salary of $64,326 with insurance and health benefits costing $6,734.  The board’s motion hiring Ms. Mehl did not contain her new salary.  In an interview with Mr. Cox immediately following the vote, he stated that her base would be $72,000 and when the state approves her appointment (in approximately two weeks) the salary would increase to $85,000.  It is anticipated that benefits would be the same $6,734.

Moose Club, a Belvidere non-for-profit, will be reimbursed $2,485 for food permits that were incorrectly accessed. The VFW was reimbursed for a slightly large amount in the previous month.

It was announced that William Hatfield, Director of Environmental Health,officially applied for retirement and that will become effective December 30, 2016.

---Bill Pysson, personally in attendance at the open sections of the meeting.

Here are the salaries for the Boone County Health Department for 2016-7, all county employees’ salaries are available at:


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