Friday, July 8, 2016

Non-profit food fees on apparent HOLD

The following is from Cathy Ward’s FACEBOOK and refers to Boone County’s Health and Human Services Committee of the Boone County Board.  This committee under normal circumstances must vote on the issue before the issue goes to the Boone County Board.

Cathy Ward

11 hrs ·

BOONE COUNTY - NOT FOR PROFIT FOOD FEES - Decision on the Health Department's request to add food fees for not-for-profit groups on hold for a while. Last night (Thursday) Toria Funderberg, Marion Thornberry and I argued at length against these fees but Health Administrators Cindy Frank and Bill Hatfield kept pounding on their need for more money from these fees (they would add about $25,000 to their budget.) I have long argued that the good these many, many groups here do , far outweights the money the health department wants. Committee Chair Jeff Carlisle said he needs lots more information before he will consider a vote on this highly controversial issue. Thanks, Jeff. Their proposed budget is over $1 million this year and includes a proposed salary for the administrator of more than $90,000. Lots of questions here need to be answered. If you recall the health department gave raises a couple years ago that were 55%, 33% and 13%. These have added to their increased budget. Amazing. Thanks to all that attended.

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