Saturday, June 4, 2016

Will Boone County Board approve an actual “resolution” regarding GLB RR?


Below is Cathy Ward’s Facebook account of  the Health Committee meeting.  Apparently a resolution will be discussed at the county board meeting if it can make the June 15 deadline. 

Cathy Ward

June 2 at 8:21pm ·

TRAIN TALKS - After much heated debate about the value of a Resolution objecting to the proposed freight train, the Boone County Board's Health Committee tonight (June 2) approved a motion to submit a Resolution to the Feds (STB). Board member Sherry Branson led the discussion, which I strongly supported, noting hundreds of our Boone County residents asked for this and we have been legally advised that a Resolution is stronger than the letter the board approved in May. Board ...members Sherry Giesecke and Ray Larson said they did not believe the feds want a Resolution. They voiced strong opinions that the letter is all that is needed, but in the end, all five members supported the motion to draft a Resolution. At least the first step won approval. So frustrating. This should be a no-brainer. After it is drafted, it will go to the full County Board for final approval. Deadline is June 15.

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