Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Janesville Area Comments to newspaper

Sound Off for Sunday, April 24: Proposed railway, presidential politics, Milton School District, politicians

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Greg Peck
Sunday, April 24, 2016
On proposed railway: I can't figure the farmers out. First, they complain about the railroad being dilapidated and in need of repair. Then, we try to fix the railroad, and they're complaining about that.
-- We need those rail lines because once we sell all the farmland off, how are we going to move all the food around that we're going to have to import? On the railways, of course. What, are people nuts?
-- Has anyone thought of running the railroad next to the roads instead of running it through prime farmland?
-- On the Great Lakes Basin Railroad, we have not seen our Paul Ryan step up and talk out against this railroad wrecking our way of life and farmland. He did not show up at his high school alma mater last week for the meeting. I have not seen him speak out against it. I guess that's why he loses all our votes in his hometown.
On presidential politics: If the Republican Senate does not like Barack Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, wait until Hillary is elected president and nominates Obama for the Supreme Court. That current nominee would look awfully good.
-- Will Rogers, an American humorist, once said he never met a man he didn't like. Obviously, he never met Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.
-- Seriously, people, do you really want the Clintons and their movie star friends back in the White House? They had their chance.
On football concussions: Regarding the court upholding the NFL concussion plan (Page 1B, Tuesday), if you touch a hot stove and you burn your hand, you don't touch it again. If you played professional football and get a concussion, you don't play again. I think pro football should be eliminated.
On slurs at soccer game: This is in response to Elkhorn's slurs on Page 1A Tuesday. It's no wonder students chant shameful and insulting statements. I blame the media that highlight and repeats comments made by presidential candidates. They are to blame. Students have no respect for others because the presidential candidates have no respect for others.
On anti-discrimination ordinance: I'm appalled at the Janesville City Council passing this. I find this transgender bathroom issue revolting and disgusting. I have a 6-year-old grandson. As far as I'm concerned, he is coming into the women's bathroom with me as long as I can get by with it. When he gets too old for that, I'll follow him into the men's room if I have to. If transgender people think they need to have a bathroom, they should have one of their own.
On Brewers: I'm calling about the Sound Off comment Wednesday about the Brewers. I think they're doing pretty well for the team they have.
On city trees: I rode through Riverside Park and see there are a couple more trees they're going to cut down. I was curious if The Gazette could ask what the strategic plan is for our parks in regards to trees. They've cut down so many, I'm wondering if the city has a plan and will plant new trees. I'm not talking flowering trees, I'm talking big hardwoods.
On Milton School District: It emailed a letter from Tim Schigur and Jerry Schuetz trying to explain that the media were not explaining stuff correctly. Now the Edgerton Reporter has a huge article again stating that you media are not doing it correctly in not stating the facts. Please state the facts, Gazette.
-- I'm calling about last Sunday's editorial on the school board arriving late on recording issues. It speaks volumes that Jon Cruzan, Schigur and Schuetz scheduled a meeting with Gazette staff about the Gazette's reporting. One can only imagine how upset they may have been when former board member Janet Green didn't march in lockstep with them.
On politicians: On advertisements for Russ Feingold and Hillary Clinton, wouldn't a normal person who has been in government for 20 years use advertisements of all their accomplishments? Oh, then once again, they have no accomplishments but defunding the government and trashing this country. Don't vote for either one of them.
-- Out with the old and in with new is the best solution for the Republican Party. Disband and start over with younger and more intelligent people who understand the 21st century, people who are not bought and paid for and who will proceed with what they promised and won't sneak in legislation and will remember who pays the bills and how they got elected.
On disc golf photo: Regarding Page 3A Thursday, this young man not only can throw a Frisbee with his right hand, he can also talk on a cellphone with his left hand. Now if that isn't a sign of the times. That made my day. I'm going to clip that out and put it on my refrigerator. This is something for the age we are living in.
- See more at: http://www.gazettextra.com/20160424/sound_off_for_sunday_april_24_proposed_railway_presidential_politics_milton_school_district_politicians#sthash.k6Cfs16c.dpuf

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