Monday, March 21, 2016

Will the “Good Old Boys” get preferencial treatment?

    • It is all but official, barring a run by a Democrat, Ms. Courier will be replaced by Ms. Smith this November   ...      

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  • Letter: Michelle Courier will work for all of Boone County

    • Posted Mar. 9, 2016 at 6:01 PM

      This letter is in support of Michelle Courier for state’s attorney in Boone County. Michelle Courier has done a great job as state’s attorney for all the people in Boone County regarding crime, DUIs, gang-related problems and advice to the county board and general public. Her office has an open door policy. You can always go into her office and get a legal opinion.
      Michelle Courier serves everyone with the same courtesy and respect, whether they are a Democrat, Republican or Independent. Her respect for all different nationalities is beyond reproach. This may be the reason that some good old boys in her party don’t get the preferential treatment that they enjoyed with the prior administration and have decided to promote a candidate from that prior administration to run against her.
      Do not allow the good old boys to fool you. It is not about Michelle’s record as state’s attorney — it is about who can control and receive that preferential treatment they feel they deserve over the rest of the citizens of Boone County.
      So please, get out and vote for Michelle Courier to continue to do the job that she has proven can be done well by representing everyone.
      We all need Michelle Courier to keep the respectability in this office that we have enjoyed for the past seven years.
      A vote for Michelle Courier is a vote for an elected position that has a proven record of government working for all the people in Boone County — the way it was designed to work.
      — Edward Sherman, Belvidere

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