Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Evac North America to remain in northern Illinois

CHERRY VALLEY — Defense contractor Evac North America recently announced its plans to remain in northern Illinois.
The company provides wastewater collection systems for military ships and submarines, for commercial cruise ships and for corporate clients, including Costco retail stores. The company employs about 30 people at its current facility and anticipates adding 15 more positions.

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A northern Illinois company will stay put and grow locally after considering a jump across the state line.

Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti was on hand today at Evac North America's to announce the company will stay at Huntwood Business Park.  Evac considered moving to Beloit.

But, Belvidere and Boone County leaders expanded the enterprise zone to include the business park, which provided business friendly incentives.  "The interstate system allows us to pull local employees from Elgin to Madison and we're all one big region" says Evac President Ken Postle.  "It's a great day for us."

Evac will add 10,000 square feet to its current facility and anticipates adding about a dozen new jobs.  But, officials say that number will grow as the company expands.

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