Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Koch Brothers Aren't Supporting Anyone in Republican Primary


Some Republican presidential contenders are probably disappointed.

The Koch Brothers are arguably the most important donors in the Republican Party, and they won’t be backing any of the current candidates in the primaries, reports USA Today.

Charles Koch, who leads Koch Industries with his brother David, told the paper that he “has no plans” to pick a candidate to back financially in the primaries, perhaps signalling that he isn’t happy with the current state of his party.

The brothers have been on a bit of a media tour this fall, and this isn’t the first time they have expressed disappointment about how the primary has been going.

“If they start saying things we think are beneficial overall and will change the trajectory of the country, then that would be good, but we have to believe also they’ll follow through on it, and by and large, candidates don’t do that,” Charles Koch said to the paper.

Koch did concede that he will likely help the eventual Republican nominee in the general election.

Charles Koch and his brother David aren't picking a Republican horse.

The Koch Brothers Aren't Supporting Anyone in Republican Primary

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