Saturday, November 14, 2015

State Rep Manley Says Rauner No Hero on Child Care | WJOL-AM


When it comes to the brief legislative session in Springfield this week: many people are still asking: WHAT HAPPENED? One thing for sure, there no ‘permanent budget solution’ of any kind. But the most interesting part was the child care issue. Governor Rauner had stated he would undo the extra restrictions placed on eligibility for state child car this past July. But State Rep Natalie Manley says, a lot has happened since then that CANNOT JUST BE “UNDONE.”  This would include child care facilities closing, employees there losing jobs, and parents that were using these facilities having to quit their jobs.  Therefore, Manley says to the Governor: If you want to change your mind now don’t act like a hero.

Manley says what the house tried to do was not just send eligibility for state child care back near the percentage of the poverty level it used to be, but also have a provision that this cannot happen again, no matter who the governor is.

But what finally happened was District Five Rep Ken Dunkin out of Chicago refused to vote on the child care package, and it came up one vote short of passing. Manley says, Dunkin seems to be portraying himself as the guy who can “still get the much better, perfect deal.”  Manley says she’s very skeptical about that, and his motives.

Meanwhile, it now looks like no legislators back in Springfield until December; as we get closer and closer to entering 2016 with a full six months of no new budget.

State Rep Manley Says Rauner No Hero on Child Care | WJOL-AM

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