Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FACEBOOK: Cathy Ward’s comments on the ZBA’s decision to approve a change in the wind tower ordinance


Cathy Ward

18 hrs ·

BOONE COUNTY AND WIND FARMS - Zoning Board of Appeals here voted unanimously a few minutes ago to approve a much longer set back - 8 football fields away from a property line - that will essentially eliminate all wind towers in the county. It is possible that someone could give a waiver, but never heard of any. Expect the county PZB will do the same next week and the county board is likely to vote the same way. No surprise, just so disappointing for the thousands of people in our county who believe in green energy and don't believe wind farms have horrible health and safety effects. Expect a lawsuit soon. The company who wants to bring wind towers and then millions of dollars to our county consider this a ban, which they say is unconstitutional. Supporters of wind energy here believe all boards have been stacked with opponents of wind farms. Looks that way. So sad for so many for lots of reasons.

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