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Statement from Belvidere School District 100 regarding Veterans’ Day:... - Belvidere Daily Republican


Belvidere Daily Republican

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Statement from Belvidere School District 100:

Students in the Belvidere School District will be in session this Veterans Day, a day typically reserved as a federal holiday.

Belvidere High School and Belvidere North High School marching bands will participate in the community celebrations as they have in the past, and over 8,000 students will pay tribute to veterans through classroom activities, assemblies, and learning about the significance of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Teachers as well as guest military personnel will play a part in the educational process, with some of the veterans being employees of the District.

Belvidere Schools has a long established process for drafting, recommending, and approving school calendars. Options are provided to district employees for input and a final calendar, based on the responses, is created. The 2015-16 calendar was presented jointly to the Board of Education for consideration and adoption by administration and the Belvidere Education Association and approved.

We respect the calendar process, and we also respect the sacrifices made by the men and women in the military. Holding school on Veterans Day is not meant as a sign of disrespect; rather, it is an opportunity to educate our students on the significance of November 11 on the day specifically reserved for this remembrance.” Cheryl Gieseke, Interim Superintendent

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Belvidere Daily Republican

“Boone County Veterans Remembered” was the inaugural exhibit of the Grand Gallery that ran from from Friday, May 23 through July 3, 2014 at the Boone County Historical Museum. I took these photos while the exhibit was on display for the BDR. With all the support being shown for of our Vets due to the Veterans Day Parade being cancelled, I thought I would post these again. Approximately 700+ people visited the museum in those 8 weeks. Approximately 262 attended on the closing day with the purpose of thanking a Veteran. Not many dry eyes through those 8 weeks. To all our men and women here in Boone County you are appreciated and you will not be forgotten for your service or sacrifices! From the depths of my heart, thank you for service and God Bless you and God Bless America!!

Lisa Paulsen-Rodgers's photo.

'Jeffery Smith Memorial Display'

Lisa Paulsen-Rodgers's photo.

Lisa Paulsen-Rodgers's photo.

Lisa Paulsen-Rodgers's photo.

What an amazing tribute to all who served and died from Boone County

Lisa Paulsen-Rodgers

Lisa Paulsen-Rodgers

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An FYI that I'm posting this statement on behalf of a Belvidere Resident and BHS Alumni. She is not typically vocal and wants her feelings put out there, but is timid and fearful of the response she might get. In otherwords, backlash!! She contacted me (and yes I know her personally) and asked since I am a local reporter to post this on her behalf. I am honoring her anonymity and request. Greg Kelm, Bryce Trevino and Ryan Liz she wanted to make sure you saw this post. She is very passionate about this issue and currently has a family member serving!

"Belvidere Dist. #100, furious does not describe how this situation makes me feel! For starters... have we as a community missed some really important information regarding a change to this FEDERAL holiday? I don't think so! It appears that Dist. #100 Administration and Teachers feel they stand above! Guess what! The DISRESPECT you are showing to our Community Veterans as well as our Communities active service men and women does not get any bigger!! Who do you people think you are to make this kind of decision??

Having said the above I can only hope that our community would agree and feel the same, especially those in the Community who have current active duty family members or those who are the active service men and women, and those who have lost family members during their time of service.

I have included in this a quote made by Dist. #100 INTERIM CO-SUPERINTENDENT to WIFR...

In a written statement, District 100 Interim Co-Superintendent Cheryl Gieseke says, "We respect the sacrifices made by the men and women in military. Holding school on Veterans Day is not meant as a sign of disrespect; rather, it's an opportunity to educate our students on the significance of November 11th on the day specifically reserved for this remembrance."

What exactly is the plan for the day to EDUCATE our students??? I feel the district owes this community and military families a detail of the day of activities from start to finish! Does this day still include all normal class curriculum such as Math, Science, English etc...? If so, why? Interim Co-Superintendent Gieseke says they are using this as an "OPPORTUNITY to EDUCATE our STUDENTS on the SIGNIFICANCE of NOVEMBER 11th on the DAY SPECIFICALLY RESERVED for this remembrance" so tell me what does that really mean???

My CHALLENGE for Dist. #100 is......

Take your regular curriculum out of the picture this November 11th and EDUCATE our students on the SIGNIFICANCE of this VETERANS DAY with out any required curriculum!!! You have 11 days to plan your day of teaching only the SIGNIFICANCE OF NOVEMBER 11th/VETERANS DAY Interim Co-Superintendent Gieseke!!!!

Who gave you people the RIGHT to decide how a Community should reflect on such a day that means more than words can say to so many people! Those who have lost family members who served in the Military and those who have family that are currently active in our Military giving you the freedoms you live everyday because of our Military Service Men and Women!!!! and you say its not a sign of DISRESPECT!!! District #100 you should take this opportunity to EDUCATE yourselves of the true meaning of the word DISRESPECT!

This seems as though it may be a day to make up a snow day to come in advance! what do you say Dist. #100? Maybe you should give up a School Improvement Day to make up that snow day before it happens!" said anonymous source.

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