Friday, August 3, 2012

Daily Chronicle | County Board 
contemplates transparency

Note:  Boone County received a similar score.


recent D-minus grade in transparency given to DeKalb County by the Illinois Policy Institute did not sit well with some County Board members and officials, and changes could be coming.

The county had low scores in categories such as employee salary and benefit information and Freedom of Information Act standards. Although salary and FOIA information is available on the county’s website, the IPI said the site should list salary and benefits on an individual basis and have clearer information on how to contact FOIA officers…..

new state statute will require counties to list the salaries and benefits of individuals making more than $75,000, so Charles Foster, R-Shabbona, said the county might as well list every employee….

seemed open to the idea of listing the few lobbying agencies to which the county belongs, as well as those agencies that lobby the county. Statements of economic interest also could be published on the website in the future

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