Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Proposed Wind Farm Ordinance for Boone County

As of the posting of this document Boone County has not posted the proposed ordinance as it awaits imput from the townships and other government entities. 

UPDATED 8-17-2012

The staff recommendation as well as the proposed ordinance change is now available at:    http://www.boonecountyil.org/sites/default/files/Boone%20County%20RegionalPlanning%20Commission%20August%2021,%202012.pdf Or you may view the abbreviated staff recommendation at: http://boonecountywatchdog.blogspot.com/2012/08/staff-recommendations-requests-more.html

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proposed wind farm ordinance--a

Please remember the following typing symbols use to differentiate.:  current ordinance, deletion and addition to wording.

proposed wind farm ordinance--1

First the definitions:

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proposed wind farm ordinance--1proposed wind farm ordinance--2

The beginning of the changes:

proposed wind farm ordinance--3proposed wind farm ordinance--4

proposed wind farm ordinance--5proposed wind farm ordinance--6

proposed wind farm ordinance--7proposed wind farm ordinance--8

proposed wind farm ordinance--9proposed wind farm ordinance--10

proposed wind farm ordinance--11proposed wind farm ordinance--12

proposed wind farm ordinance--13proposed wind farm ordinance--14

For information on various other county’s wind farm ordinances go to Boone County Zoning’s information at:  http://www.boonecountyil.org/page/wind-farm-information

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