Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's Bring Romney to Freeport




Our community has been slapped in the face again. Big business has not only wiped its feet all over our welcome mat.....they have poured gasoline on it and torched it. As you have been reading in the Journal Standard, 170 workers of Honeywell/Sensata/Bain from Freeport will have their jobs sent to China. Friends, family members, strangers but more importantly, community members....our community members.

Recently, it was revealed that Sensata is owned by Bain Capital, the private equity firm that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney helped start. Interesting, isn't this the same man who has proclaimed throughout the country that we need to keep jobs in America. O.K., now I'm really hot. It is time that we bring Mitt Romney to Freeport.

We have him stand behind a podium at the Krape Park Bandshell and have him look us square in the eye and tell us, why this is happening. I am tired of our town accepting this treatment and I want us to stand up for ourselves....not just for our 170 community members but for all of the communities ripped apart because of their greed. I am tired of Freeport having its hands tied behind its back and getting slapped in the face left and right, and just taking it.

This, by the way, is not an Obama endorsement.

This is a Freeport endorsement. I am sure we will see a response from our city officials saying they have contacted Romney and are waiting for a response. Stop waiting, take some something. Show some pride and start worrying about our people and our town. Talk is cheap. I am tired of cheap talk.

Alright, what am I doing about it. I have contacted Anderson Cooper on Twitter and informed him about our plight. I believe a "Keeping Them Honest" segment on CNN might just wake up an individual that is trying to scratch and claw his way to the White House. If you, or your family or your friends have any connections with any media outlets, let them know. We have a story that might not only help Freeport, but other communities in our country. Stop staying quiet!!!! Please!!!!

I'm sure people will say, "Romney has nothing to do with this!" and I will say, too bad....his name is on it. He started it and he can do something about it. So don't even use that argument......

Did the people of Sensata have an opportunity to take a lower wage job at their company or were they just told, "You are going to China." I would probably bet the latter. This isn't like being transferred to Tennessee or Ohio. This is troubling. I wonder if all the big executives of Sensata are moving to China also.

If you have a thread of community pride in your body, this should bother you. If things stay the same, and Mitt Romney does not come to Freeport and look us square in the eye and explain this situation, then he should not receive one vote in our town, whether you like the other candidates or not. Every community that has been ripped apart by outsourcing should not vote for this man.

For those of you reading this and saying, "You are wasting your breath." At least somebody is......

Stay Positive Sensata........and Freeport.


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