Thursday, June 21, 2012

Board Meeting of June 20


I attended last night's county board meeting. Here are a few things you may wish to know and perhaps they will not be picked up by the news media.

1. Approximately $40,000 of bids were accepted by the board to repair the bell tower at the court house. The $40k is well below what was first estimated.

2. A citizen who complained at the zoning commission regarding the "smell" from the special use, nursery in Garden Prairie also spoke at the county board. It appears that the nursery's mulching operations has several violations of IEPA etc. --county enforcement of some of the zoning was questioned by the citizen.

3. A change to the liquor license for Timber Point allowing serving alcohol before 11:00 on Sundays was defeated. Apparently Swan Lake in Poplar Grove has a 9:00 AM start and TP wanted the same or better.

4. A number of appointments were approved in mass, including Mr. Sisson of the Health Department, a very controversial reappointment three years ago because of the health departments payment of alcoholic drinks for interviewees/health board members.

5. Not disclosed at the meeting per se--Mr. Terrinoni told me that at the July 5, 6:30 meeting of the health subcommittee he will be presenting answers to the questions raised by the board members regarding the mulch fire in May, 2012.

Bill Pysson

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